Décotruc has everything for your interior decoration, exterior decoration all your gift ideas and collection items.


  Spécial Offers :10% to 50%









Décotruc has all the necessary items for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, ... etc.. All that is necessary for decorating your home, from candle holder to furniture. We also have items for decorating your garden, garden gnomes, solar or electric fountains. Choose the best of two worlds with our Moroccan style candle lanterns. For a very low price, you will have a decoration that is also good for your home and your garden.

Décotruc offers you several advantages. Every week, we offer multiple items with discounts ranging from 15% to 50%. In addition, we offer free shipping for orders in the Montreal area. Some of our items are at a very low regular price like the Moroccan style candle lanterns that are less then 10$. So we offer you the benefits of buying online without additional costs. So choose Décotruc for your decoration.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: We now have more options for international delivery. To have the best prices, choose your items and send us your list and the destination country, so we can offer you the best possible price.