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Decotruc has everything for your home decor and garden decor (candle lanternchandelierfountainangel, etc).

We have decorative items in various styles to start or add to your decor. Whether African, nautical, Moroccan, Victorian, etc. we have something for you. Discover some examples we have:

Moroccan style

Moroccan Crafts are recognized for work done on various commodities including iron, wood and pottery. Add a little glow to your decor with Moroccan candle lanterns. With these lanterns, you can illuminate your romantic evenings or decorate your home while they could become your emergency light during power outages. We have several models of lanterns that are suspended, on foot, table, interior, exterior, etc.. Come see our different models: Moroccan candle lanterns.

Victorian style

Here is a style that is still as popular today as in the past, the Victorian style. This style was created by the mixture of Gothic and Gothic Revival in the 1800s. To add to your interior, we have some decorative items which is highly demanded by interior decorators. To start, antiqued Victorian furnitures are very popular and add great style to any room. Add to this a beautiful candle lantern to complement your decor.


Nautical style

Bring a touch of the sea to your décor with the nautical décor. Brighten your room with a beautiful candle lantern lighthouse shaped, support your books with bookends shaped like a boat and decorate your wall with a marine wall clock. This will help you through the winter while imagining yourself at the sea or on board a ship. Add a wave sound to add to the sensation.


African style

African style is becoming increasingly popular with masks and statuettes out of the ordinary. In addition, in the African style, the elephant is an important element in this design because it is considered lucky. Add a statuette or a wall decoration in the shape of an elephant to your decor and it will bring you luck. Who knows, maybe a small elephant statuette could bring you big!


Other styles

There are several other styles including medieval and the Far East, but why not create your own style? Take a Moroccan candle lantern with a Victorian table add a Victorian mirror and a few medieval items and you have created your own castle! Have fun creating your own style or adding to your current style. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you are looking for an interior designer, we can help you.



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